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Requesting a Document from your Client via the Secure Client Portal

This section describes how to request a Document from your client via the Secure Client Portal. The Documents that you request are selected from the items you have listed in the selected Client's Progress tab.

You must have items in the Progress tab of the Matter to be able to add these items to the Portal.  For details on how to add Progress Items, see Progress Items - How to add a Document and Tasks Checklist to a File

1. Open the Portal Form

Open the matter, click on the Progress tab and click the Portal button.

Note: If the Portal is not currently activated for this client you will be prompted to do so.

Open the Portal Form

2. Select the Documents you want from your Client

Once the Portal window opens in Migration Manager, you will need to select the Documents you want from your Client from the 'Not Yet Uploaded to Portal' window.

Select the Documents you want from your Client

3. Continue selecting Documents

Continue selecting the Documents you want to request by holding down your Ctrl key and clicking the additional items.

4. Add selected items to Portal

Click the Add to Portal button to add the selected requested items to the Portal.

5. Requested Documents added to Portal

The Documents that you selected will now be added to the online Client Portal for this Client. The items will now be listed in the 'Uploaded to Portal' section of the Portal window along with the date they were requested.

Requested Documents added to Portal

6. Progress Items updated

An update will also be added to the Client's Progress tab showing that the documents have been requested from the Client.

Note: On the right hand side of the Progress tab, there will appear a symbol to indicate the status of the Progress item on the Portal (see the Key for details on what each symbol means)

7. Client's View

If the Client logs on to their Client Portal, they will see the Documents which have been requested from them. They can then upload the requested Documents by clicking the 'Upload File' button.

Note:  The upload limit for a document request is 5MB.  This is to keep in line with Immi’s own policy of 5MB.

There is also a maximum of 200MB across all files in a Migrant’s Portal