Re-Downloading a Document from the Secure Client Portal

When a customer uploads a document to the Secure Client Portal, the document will then flow into Migration Manager as a document in the Documents tab of the Matter.

However, there may be a time when an Agent needs to re-download a document into Migration Manager from the Secure Client Portal.  This would usually occur if the agent has accidently deleted the document, or if the agent’s network is having syncing issues and the file has not synced to their machine.

In the below example, we can see a Progress Item on the Progress Tab which has been downloaded.

However, when we look at the Documents tab, we can see that the document is greyed out.  This means the document did download to Migration Manager, but is not longer available (the document is no longer located where it should be).

Re-Downloading a Portal Document

The Portal Document can be re-downloaded via the Progress tab

1. Go to the 'Progress' Tab of the Matter

1.1. Go to the Documents sub-tab of the Progress item

  1. Double-click on the item to open the side panel.
  2. Go to the Documents sub-tab.
MM - CRAIG-PC - Remote Desktop Connection

1.2. Right click on the Document to be re-downloaded, then select 'Redownload Portal Document'

MM - CRAIG-PC - Remote Desktop Connection

1.3. Say Yes to the message to Re-download

The Item on the Comments Tab of the Progress Item, it will now show that it has been re-downloaded:

As well as this, the document will now appear in the Documents tab of the Matter, ready to be reviewed.

Note: Documents are only available on the Portal for a set time after they have been downloaded to Migration Manager.  After this time, they are no longer available in the Client Secure Portal and will need to be re-uploaded to the Portal by the customer.

To view or change the number of days to keep in the file in Portal after download, go to Tools => Administrative => Preferences => Portal tab.