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Using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge to translate the Secure Portal to another Language

The Migration Manager Secure Client Portal is provided in English.  However, both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge have built in Language Translators that customer can use to view the Portal in other Languages.

It is important to note that the Department will only accept applications populated in English.  This means either:

  • The Customer will need to answer the questions in the Web Questionnaire in English.
  • Or the Agent / Legal Practitioner will need to review the Questionnaire at time of importing and manually change any non-English values to English before processing the final import.

See: How to Import a Web Questionnaire.

Translating the Language of a Web Page.

This guide will focus on the Translation function using Google Chrome. The process for Microsoft Edge is very similar.

1. Go to the Web Page you would like to Translate

Go to the Portal Login Page or the page you would like to Translate.

2. Select the option to Translate

Right-click on the Web Page.  The 'Translate to xxxx' will display showing the Detected Language.  Select this option.

3. Choose the Desired Language

At the top right or Google Chrome, the Detected Language box will appear.

1. Select the more icon (3 dots).

2. Select 'Choose another language'.

3. Select the desired Language.

4. Click Translate.

The page will now appear in the chosen language.

When you get to new pages in the Portal, if they are not displayed in the chosen language, you should just need to right-click, and the option to "Translate to" should show the language you want.  Selecting this will Translate the page.