User Setup Guide

The User Setup Guide will help new users set their preferences for Migration Manager. Many screens within Migration Manager can appear and react differently depending on these Settings.

Accessing the User Setup Guide.

To access the User Setup Guide, select Tools, then User Setup Guide.

There are 2 main options within the guide:

  • Email Capture.  Here the user can set their preferences for email capture including the Outlook mailboxes to capture from, as well as frequency, notifications, exclusions etc.
  • User Preferences.  The User Preferences option allows the user to set personal preferences for display options for various functions (example, Document Tab, File Notes, Snapshot view etc).

Both options have a user guide link to help you through the process. For complete instructions on each step, click the ‘?’ icon to the right of the task.

Once the process is complete, a green tick will appear next to the task