Reset Client Detail Locks

Migration Manager has in place a system of file locks to prevent corruption of data that may arise if more than 1 person were to try and edit data on the same page at the same time. Sometimes these file locks can fail to release after a person has entered/edited a page. This will be able to be determined by locking at the top of the Client Detail window which will show that the file is locked. It is then necessary to do a Reset Client Detail Lock.

1. Access Client Detail Locks

From the Main Menu, select Tools, then Administrative, then Reset Client Detail Locks.

2. Review and Accept warning

You will now receive a warning box advising that to avoid data integrity issues it is best that all users have closed all Client Detail windows (this does not mean that they need to close Migration Manager, just that they not have any Client Detail pages open. Click 'OK' to proceed.

3. Locks Released

All of the locks should now be released. Click 'OK' to proceed.


Even after doing the Reset Client Detail Lock, Migration Manager keeps telling me that the file is still showing as locked. What do I do?


First, please ensure that all users have closed their Client Detail pages and then try and do the reset again. If this does not work, this is not normal and indicates that there may be fault with your database. Please contact our support team as we will need to look at your database to determine what is occurring.