Un-Archive Matters

If you have Archived a Matter by mistake, you can un-archive the Matter to return it to a normal status.  The Un-Archive process does 2 things:

  1. It sets the File Status of the selected Matters to ‘Closed’.  This means the Matter now regains full functionality.
  2. It moves the Matter’s Folders (usually located in the Migration Manager\Z-Archive\Clients folder), back to the main Clients Folders (usually located in the Migration Manager\Clients).


All users must have All Client Detail windows closed to prevent any file locking.  We would normally suggest asking all users to log out Migration Manager other than the user running the function.

1. Accessing Un-Archive Matters

From the Main Menu, select Tools, then Archive, then Un-Archive Matters.

2. Select Matters to be Un-Archived

Tick the box for each Matter you would like to Un-Archive.

Note: Un-Archiving Matters can be a lengthy process to run since the function needs to physically move all the chosen Matter documents to new location.  Because of this, Migration Manager will only process a maximum of 100 Matters at a time.  If you have more than 100 Matters to process, you simply need to repeat the process for the next 100 and so on.

3. Un-Archive

Once you have chosen the Matters to Un-Archive, click the Un-Archive button.

4. Confirm Un-Archiving

A message will appear informing of the un-archive to be processed.  When you are sure no users have Client Details open, click OK.

5. Un-Archive Complete

Once the Un-Archiving process has completed, a confirmation will appear.  Click OK.


  • The Matter/s have now been set to ‘File Closed’.  This Status can now been changed to any other status and the Matter can be edited as normal.
  • The Matter Folders have been moved back to the Clients folder of your Migration Manager folder.