Delete Matter - How to Delete a Matter

This article provides instructions on how to delete a Matter from Migration Manager.

IMPORTANT: Note that if you delete a Matter in Migration Manager it will delete all of the matter including all data, documents, file notes, checklists, Portal connections etc. As such you should only delete matters where you do not need that record in Migration Manager. It also recommended that you do not delete matters which are just being archived: instead you should set the matter status to "File Closed"  or "File Closed - To be Archived" and it will hide the matter from the Open window and will not prompt you via Snapshot for any due/expiry dates.

You can not delete a Matter if a transaction has been recorded in the Client Account for that matter.

Log in as Administrator or as a User with permission to Delete

To delete a Matter, you will either need to log in as the Administrator, or as a User with permissions to delete matters. For instructions on how a user can be given permission to delete Matters, see: User Permissions - File Deletion

Delete the Matter from the Open Window

1. Click the 'Open' button

On the Main Toolbar, click the Open button.

2. Find the Matter to be Deleted

Use the search function to find the Matter you want to delete.

3. Right-click and select Delete

Once you have found the relevant Matter, right-click the Matter and select Delete Matter.

4. Confirm by typing DELETE

Enter the word DELETE (in uppercase), then click Confirm.

Confirmation will appear that the Matter has been Deleted.