Login Preferences – The ‘Logins’ preference tab

The Logins preference tab allows you to set how the process of your users loggin into Migration Manager will work as well as setting the complexity of passwords and how to deal with incorrect password entry.

Accessing 'Logins' Preferences

From the main menu, select Tools, then Administrative, then Preferences.

If you don’t have access to this feature, you may need to log into Migration Manager as user Administrator.

From Preferences, select the Logins tab.


Login Sharing allows multiple users to use the one user login name. This is used in scenarios where an agent may wish their assistant to do work in Migration Manager under their name.

Note.  This does not affect your user licensing which is concurrent.  If you enable Login-Sharing and you have 2 users logged into Migration Manager at the same time, you will still need 2 user licenses.

We recommend not allowing Login-Sharing because by forcing users to use their own login name, it is easier to track what has been done and by whom.

User Login Screen

The User Login Screen preferences controls the complexity of passwords and how to deal with incorrect password entry.

  1. Force user to type username when logging in.  Selecting this option will remove the ‘User Name’ dropdown arrow on the login window. The user will then need to manually type their user name to be able to log in.
  2. Passwords must be at least xx characters long. Select the minimum character length you would like your users to be required to set their password to.
  3. Password Complexity.  Set the Password complexity options.
  4. Wrong Password is used.  Set the number of times an incorrect password can be entered, then choose the action that should be taken.  The default is that Migration Manager will be closed and the user needs to re-open Migration Manager, however you can set that the user account will be locked out and an Administrator must reset the user’s password before they can try again.


Once all adjustments have been made, click Save & Exit.