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Update - How to Perform an Online Update in Migration Manager

Updates are regularly released for Migration Manager which add features and address issues. It is important that users ensure that they are using the most up-to-date version of Migration Manager. This article sets out how to perform an update.

1. Go to the Update window

When an update to Migration Manager is available, it can be accessed via the following options

1.1. By clicking Yes when prompted

If an update is available, users will be prompted at the time of loggin to perform the update.  Click Yes to perform the update.

1.2. Via the Tools Menu

If the update is not performed at the time of login, it can be performed at a later time.

From the Main Menu, select Tools then Update.

1.3. Via the Help menu

Or, from the Main Menu, select Help then Online Update.

2. Review the Update Window

The Online Update window will now appear. If an update is available it will show as Yes in the Update Available field. Note: you will only be able to receive an update if you have a current Support & Update subscription.

3. Click 'Start' to proceed with the update

To proceed with the update, click the Start button in the top right hand corner.

Note: All other users must be logged out of Migration Manager before the update can proceed. If there are other users still logged in, you will need to perform the Reset User Login Count function.

4. Update Process

The update will now proceed to download and install the necessary components.

When everything has downloaded and installed, you will be prompted to restart Migration Manager. Click OK.

5. Update Complete

Migration Manager will now proceed to close and restart to complete the update process.