Snapshot Preferences – The ‘Snapshot’ preference tab

The Snapshot preferences  allows you to set system wide preferences for your Snapshot window.  

Note:  You can also set user specific Snapshot settings.  See Snapshot User Settings.

Accessing the Snapshot tab

From the Main Menu, select Tools, then Administrative, then Preferences.

If you don’t have access to this feature, you may need to log into Migration Manager as user Administrator.

Select the Snapshot tab.

Showing Deadlines for File Notes

When you create a File Note, you can specify who on the Matter is responsible for that File Note (RMA and/or Manager and/or Clerk).

The Show Deadline for File Note in my Snapshot window setting allows you to choose which File Notes you see in your Snapshot:

  1. If you would like to only see the Filenotes Deadlines where you have been marked responsible for that File Note,
  2. Show all File Notes with a Deadline where you are the RMA, Manager or a Clerk on the Matter.

Show the Snapshot Window

Choose if you would like to Automatically show Snapshot window after login.

Setting Document Review Dates

Migration Manager can automatically set review dates for Documents after a user sets the Document Status to something other than Complete.

Set the following:

  1. Set Review Date and Responsibility. If you would like to active the above functionality, tick this box
  2. Set Review Date.  Set how many days ahead you would like to set the Review Date to (this will only effect Documents which have no review Date or a Date in the past set).
  3. Set Responsibility to.  Set who you would like as the default responsibility for the note.  (this will only effect Documents where there is no one yet responsible).


Once all adjustments have been made, click Save & Exit.