Restore Database

Part of your business’s backup routine will be to back up your Migration Manager Database and File System (see Backing up Migration Manager).  There maybe an instance where you will need to restore the Migration Manager SQL Database. When this is required, follow the below procedure.

STOP!  Before Restoring a Database, you should consult with the Migration Manager Support team to confirm this is the best course of action and that the correct backup is selected.  Please Log a Support Call before restoring a Database.  

Note:  The Restore Database function is only applicable for Local Installations (Where the SQL Database resides locally on your Server or Primary PC).  If you are a Cloud Installation, then please contact Migration Manager Support as the Support Team must restore Cloud Databases.

1. Access Restore Database

From the Main Menu, select Tools, then Administrative, then Restore Database.

2. Select the Backup File

Click the Browse button next to the 'File to restore from' field.

Select the Backup File to restore, then click Open.

Note: You cannot restore SQL Databases from a Mapped Drive Location.  The Path needs to be either the physical drive path (eg. E:\Data\Migration Manager\DBBackups) or a UNC Path (\\Server\.... )

3. Confirm and Process

Confirm the Restore path Location, then click Process.

4. Database Restored

The Database has now been restored.  Click OK to continue.

Warning.  Remember that when you restore a Database, all information you have entered since that backup was taken will be lost and you will be returned to the point you were at when that backup was done.

Note:  This does not affect your Document/File storage.  Just the SQL (CRM) side of Migration Manager.