Firm Preferences - The 'Firm' preference tab

The Firm tab in the Program Level preferences is for setting details of your firm and the different offices (if applicable) that you have. This article covers how you set up the Firm tab.

Accessing the Firm tab

The Firm tab is accessed via Tools => Administrative => Preferences.

If you don’t have access to this feature, you may need to log into Migration Manager as user Administrator.

In Preferences, select the Firm Tab

Understanding the Firm tab

1. Firm Details

At the top of the Firm tab, enter your:

  1. Firm Name
  2. ABN
  3. Firm's Web address
  4. Firm's main Email Address

2. Setting up Office Details

Each Installation of Migration Manager will need at least 1 Office Setup; however, you can add as many Offices as you like. By doing this, you can limit users to only view matters from their own Office.

2.1. If you have not already created a Main Office, click the + Add button

2.2. Complete the Office Name, as well as the Phone, Fax, Street Address and Postal Address.

2.3. Choose if this Office will be the Main Office.  This is used for assigning new Matters to if desired.

3. Setting default Office Assignment

  1. Choose if you would like the default that all New Clients must be Assigned to an Office.
    (this means as you create a new Matter, you must assign an Office to that Matter before it can be created)
  2. Choose if you would like that New Clients should be Automatically Assigned to the Main Office.  
    (This means you wont manually need to select an Office each time a Matter is created.  The Main Office will be automatically assigned, but this can be changed during or after Matter creation).

4. Create more Offices as required

To create more offices, click the +Add button

5. Viewing Office Details

To view Office Details, select the Office from the Left-hand grid to view its details in the right-hand panel.

Save & Exit

Once all adjustments have been made, click Save & Exit.