Changing my Email Address

If you change your email address, there are several areas in Migration Manager that should be amended with the new address details.

1. User Details

Your email address is stored against your user profile.  This address is then used for Form Filling, eLodge, Letter Merge and other processes like logging a Support call.

1.1. Login as Administrator.

Editing User details can only be accessed by the Administrator or a user with sufficient privileges.  

1.2. On the Main Toolbar, select Schedules => Users/RMAs.

1.3. Select your User, then click the "Edit" button on the lower right.

1.4. Go to the "Contacts" tab.

1.5. Adjust the Email Addresses accordingly.

1.6. Then click Save & Close.

2. Questionnaires

Check that the default return email address for PDF Questionnaires is correct.

2.1. From the Main Toolbar, select Tools => Administrative => Preferences.

2.2. Go to the Questionnaires tab.

2.3. Adjust the Email Address accordingly, then click "Reconfigure All Questionnaires".

2.4. Click Save & Exit.

3. Email Capture

Amend Email Capture to capture from the correct Mailbox

3.1. Log into Migration Manager as your user.

3.2. From the Main Toolbar, click the Capture button.

3.3. Click the Settings Cog.

3.4. Go to the Folder Selection tab.

3.5. Expand the Mail Boxes you wish to capture (Both Inbox and Sent Items) and tick the Box to Capture that Folder

3.6. Then Click Apply.