Update 8.4 Overview Webinar Q&A

During the webinar a number of attendees submitted questions which we have collated below along with the answers. Note that as we hold additional webinars on this topic we will update this list with further questions and answers.

1. When will the update be going live?

A. The update should be live for all users. If you don't have it yet, please run the Update. For instructions on how to do this, see: How to Perform an Update

2. Can we now disable the browse window?

A. Not at this stage. Users still need to be able to access the file system for uploading documents to external sources such as ImmiAccount. However we are working to develop a solution which will enable administrators to disable or restrict access to the browse button / M drive whilst still giving users access to documents necessary for uploading to third party sites such as ImmiAccount.

3. Will we have the ability in User Permissions to prevent users from clicking the Browse tab (ie. grey it out)?

A. Not at this stage. See the answer to Q2.

4. Will the CIQ type questionnaires be moved to an online format soon?

A. Yes. These are currently nearing the end of development with a planned release to Beta Testers during Q3 of 2017.

5. Could you add citizenship applications?

A. Certainly possible. We will be looking to add additional options to the assessment tool based on user demand. If you have a particular application type that you would like us to create an assessment tool for, please send us more details about what questions you would like it to include (remembering that this is an assessment tool and not a full questionnaire). We will then review these and look to create a suitable option where possible.

6. Is it possible to see from where the weblead is coming from? For example if I post the link on two different websites, will there be a way to see if it came from website A or website B?

A. At this stage the webleads can only set up to show as one type of referral source. We will add this as a feature request

7. How do I add the new assessment tool to my website?

We have put together an instruction page that shows you how you can add the new assessment tool to your website: How to add an Online Assessment to your Webpage

8. Does the new bank reconciliation feature work with the Operating Account?

The bank reconciliation function only works with the Client Account. Reconciliation of the operating account is generally handled by your business accounting product such as Xero.

9. If we use the 'move to' button, does the original document stay where it was, or is it then deleted?

The 'Move To' function in the documents tab works exactly the same as the 'Move to' in Windows in that it will move the item as oppossed to copying the item. It will therefore be deleted from its original location. If you do not want it to be deleted, use the 'Copy To' function.

10. We have had some clients that have had problems opening the client pdf questionnaire, please advise us how to resolve this issue in the future?

Please see our user manual article on this topic: Why can't my client open the PDF Questionnaire?

11. Can the Client Account reconciliation work for accounts held outside of Australia?

It should as its still exactly the same process and the bank statement formats that we import are international standards. Note though that Migration Manager is not specifically programmed to work with other currencies at this point in time so you might find an issue with it showing a $ symbol in some places where you might want it to show, for example, a pound symbol.

The questions which appear at the start of our online assessment questionnaire control what questions/pages are shown next, so its not possible to bypass that first page. However, it may (and I emphasis may) be possible for your web page developer to programmatically answer those questions based on a button or action on your website. Note thought that this is feature you would need to have your web developer investigate and put together for you as we have not investigated or tested such functionality.

You can put the link on as many websites as you want. Just note that the the system does not track which website the enquiry would have come through.

14. Is the Assessment tool in multi languages?

Not at this stage. We are looking to add this functionality at a later time depending on demand. If you are fluent in a particular language and are keen to have the tool released in your language (and you are able to assist us in the translation process), then please let us know.

15. So has the assessment tool replaced the Client Information Questionnaire?

No. The assessment tool is designed to collect basic information from a potential client who has come to your website such that you can perform a preliminary assessment of their potential eligibility for a particular migration outcome (and thus determine whether you would like to potential convert this person in to a client). The asssessment tool is a not a replacement for the PDF Questionnaires.

16. When will the whole Questionnaire be web based?

Our converstion of the whole PDF questionnaire into a web based questionnaire is in the late stages of development and we aim to release this to Beta Testers later this year.

17. Can the RMA pre enter information in the assessment already known and they forward to the prospective client to complete?

The assessment webleads have not been designed with the intention of prefilling. Rather their intention is to act as a first point of contact for your potential client to enable you to collect basic information from such that you can perform a preliminary assessment of their potential eligibility for a particular migration outcome - they are not designed to act as fully fledged questionnaires. If you already have information about the person already we would recommend merging the information in to one of the existing PDF Questionnaires. This merge functionality will also be available when we release the web questionnaires

18. I tried to import a questionnaire this morning, but the "import" button was greyed out..Why?

This could be for a couple of reasons (such as a user permission or setting not being enabled), so I would recommend contacting our support team as soon possible so that they can assist you with this.

19. I have experienced problems with saving emails with long names to the document register. I understand this may be a hurdle created by Dropbox. If so, could MM liaise with Dropbox to fix this problem?

It is not necessarily dropbox that is the issue, but rather a limitation of Windows in that the Windows* file system for most people has a file name/path limit of 260 characters. With this you have to also remember that Windows regards the character limit as not just including the name of the document, but also the folder structure in which it is saved. So if your files are being saved in a folder which is burried quiet deep (and those folders have long/lots of names), the character limitation can be hit quite quickly. This then also impacts upon online third party storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Onedrive etc (remembering that MM does not dictate which of these services you must use as we integrate with nearly all of them). Unfortunately there is very little that Migration Manager can do in terms of liasing with multinantional corporations such as Microsoft, Google or Dropbox to ask them to change their systems. However please do log a support call so that our support team can just check that its not something else that might be causing this problem.

*There is commentary online that Windows 10 can now be configured to increase the character length limit.

20. Love the Whovian references

Thank you.

21. Are you a Robot? (yes, this really was asked in the webinar)

Not last time I checked, but fans of Battlestar Galatica will know how sketchy that can be.