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Running a VEVO Check through MM’s eLodge function

One of my favourite processes in MM is the Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) check through the eLodge function. Once you have consent from your client to run a VEVO, MM can use the information in the database to automatically log into your IMMI account, enter your client’s details (name, passport, and DOB), run the check, and, if a visa is identified, save the results in 3 formats in the MM file, and enable you to import the information into MM, recording the visa details including the visa grant number and expiry. It does all of this in about 2 to 7 seconds.

When you have the applicant’s file open in MM, you can access the VEVO check process by clicking the eLodge button and selecting VEVO in the Application Type drop-down list.

You can then select which person on the file you would like to run the VEVO check by clicking the tick to the left of the individual’s name. If any of the required information sections are blank, you can add it in at this stage and then press search when you are ready to start the automated VEVO search.

When MM runs a VEVO and identifies an Australian Visa

If the VEVO check has identified that the individual holds an Australian visa, a results screen will pop up with the details of the visa. If you would like to import the visa details into your client’s file, simply press the Add Visa button on the far left and all the information will feed into the applicant’s visa tab for drafting and expiry monitoring purposes.

Saved VEVO Results in MM

When a visa has been identified through a VEVO check run through MM, the system will save the results in 3 different formats in the MISC folder in the Documents tab.

  1. Screengrab of the VEVO Results page (JPEG)
  2. The PDF generated from the IMMI page (PDF)
  3. The results window is exported into an Excel spreadsheet (CSV). This document has the visa grant number included which can be very handy for drafting purposes.

Recorded VEVO in MM in Progress

If the applicant has a visa, MM will also add a Progress Item in the Progress tab recording the date, who did the check, and give you access to the saved results for reference.

For a detailed process, please refer to the MM User Manual’s article called How to perform a VEVO search.