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MM Secure Client Portal – Portal history, creating your Progress Item lists & SnapShot (6/6)

We have gone through how to set up your Secure Client Portal, create the portal for your clients, sending and importing Web questionnaires, requesting and reviewing documents uploaded to the Secure Client Portal through the Progress Items Tab, where uploaded documents are saved in your MM program and how to create forms for your clients.

As you can now see, the Secure Client Portal has a lot of functionality that can streamline you and your teams' process flow, collecting your clients' information and document in a safe and secure platform.

Before implementing the Secure Client Portal into your process flow, I would strongly encourage you to create multiple test cases to get familiar with the process and decide how you would like to integrate it into your daily practice.

There are a few hand hints I wanted to share in this last blog in the series about the Secure Client Portal that will come in handy.

Can I see a client’s history in the MM Secure Client Portal?

The Secure Client Portal history is an incredibly useful tool to be aware of if you have a client who says that they have submitted the questionnaire and uploaded documents via the Secure Client Portal.

On the client’s file, in the Progress tab, by clicking the Portal button, you can view the history.

Creating your Progress Item List

If you have reviewed the saved Progress Items Templates and find that you would like to create a bespoke progress item list that has been modified to match your process flow, MM enables you the option to create a new Progress Item list.

Please refer to the MM User Manual’s article on Creating your Progress Items List.

I have previously utilized this feature when creating bespoke Progress Items to Record a ‘Request for Further Information (RFI)’ in MM.

The benefit of creating a bespoke Progress Item template that aligns with your business’ workflow is that you can generate progress reports for your clients based on certain fields in the Progress Item list, and a more streamlined administrative process.

Managing your work through MM

As we have demonstrated through the various MM Secure Client Portal blog posts, a lot of the features in MM all integrate together in the various processes. The MM Snapshot feature plays an important role in notifying you when questionnaires, documents and communication are received through the Secure Client Portal.

Please refer the MM User Manual article called Snapshot- the Features for more information about how you can utilize Snapshot to help manager your workload.

This ends the Secure Client Portal blog post series.