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Installing Migration Manager on a new Machine

If Migration Manager has already been installed and configured by Migration Manager’s installation team and you now wish to install Migration Manager on additional machines, you can do so by running the Migration Manager Installer.

Due to a limitation with Windows Mapped Drives, the installer cannot be used for clients who access the Migration Manager (or LEAPMM) folder via a Mapped Drive.  If your site uses Mapped Drives to access the Migration Manager folder, please log a Support Call and our Installation Team will be happy to assist.

The process is done in two parts:

  1. Creating the Installer using an existing Migration Manager installation.
  2. Running the Installer from the new Machine.
1. Creating the Installer

If you have not yet done so, use the Install on another computer function to create a new Install Program.  Once this has been created, you can use this installer to install Migration Manager on as many machines as you like.

Create the Installer

From an existing Machine, select Help, then Install on another computer.

Migration Manager will build an installer, then place the installer executable in the ‘Installation’ sub-folder of your Migration Manager folder storage.  For example:


When this task is complete, a message will appear showing the location.  Click OK to close the window.

The installer will be built with your current version of Migration Manager packaged.  You can now use this installer as many times as you like, however if it has been some time since you have used the installer, you may wish to create it again, so it is built with the latest/your current version.

2. Running the installer

You can now run the installer from the new machine.

Before running the installer, your Migration Manager (or LEAPMM) folder must be available on the new machine.  Therefore:

  • If your Migration Manager (or LEAPMM) folder resides in File Cloud Storage (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive etc), then this cloud software must be installed (and synced) on the new machine before you begin the next step.

Note:  If your Migration Manager file storage resides in the Cloud, you may need to wait a short time for the install file to sync to the new machine.

Note:  There are currently some installation issues that relate to using Google File Stream.  If you encounter any issues, please contact support and we will be happy to assist with installation.

2.1. Run the installer

On the new machine, go to the ‘Installation’ sub-folder in your Migration Manager (or LEAPMM) folder, run the MigrationManagerClientCloudReinstall.exe.

2.2. Agree

Click “I Agree ….”, then click Next.

2.3. System Check

The installer will check to ensure your system is ready and that all the required companion programs are installed.  If it fails on any of these points, correct the issue (example: install a required program), then click Refresh to re-run the check.  Once all components pass, you can click Next.

2.4. Select the location of your MigrationManager (or LEAPMM) folder

If the installer finds installed Cloud software such as Dropbox, it will show these options and give you a default location.  If this is incorrect, you MUST click the Browse button to browse to the correct location.

If you have selected the correct path, the installer will say 'Selected installation directories are valid'

If the installer does not find your Cloud Storage, then select the ‘Storage Location Option’ as Other and Browse to your Migration Manager (or LEAPMM folder).

2.5. Then click Install

The Installer will now run.

2.6. Close

When complete, click Close.  You can also leave the option ticked for Launch Migration Manager and Migration Manager will automatically start when the installer closes.  The Installer will also create a shortcut on the new machine's Desktop for the Migration Manager application.