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Importing your client information into MM for new users

If you have only recently started using Migration Manager (MM), you may already have a substantial list of clients in another file management system or even just in an excel spreadsheet. MM has a Batch Import Function that enables users to import some of their pre-existing client’s information into MM to help you manage and monitor the cases.

If you are considering using the Batch Import Function, it is important to understand what information can be imported in MM.

For detailed instructions regarding this process, please refer to the MM User Manual article called Batch Import Data.

Additional points to consider

Some of our users will only import applications that are in the visa preparation stage. Other users are choosing to import applications in preparation and applications that have been lodged with the Department of Home Affairs so that they can set a file note for processing time, to prompt action if it has yet to be finalized.

The benefit of having this information in one place will make it easier for you and your team to have your workload accurately recorded, monitored, and enacted according to priority through the Snapshot and the Report features.

You can find more information on these features in the MM User Manual in the following articles  

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