Housekeeping in Migration Manager

As time goes by, the folder size of your Migration Manager (or LEAPMM) folder will grow.  Some folders cannot be reduced as they contain your clients document registry.  Others however may be able to be reduced by removing redundant files.

Below is the standard list of folders found in the Migration Manager (or LEAPMM) folder.

The following folders may have redundant files that can be removed to increase space.

  • Data
  • DBBackups
  • ExportedData
  • Forms

The Data Folder

The Data folder contains all the previous Migration Manager executable versions, as well as setting files and some miscellaneous files.  Folders that contain a number (for example 8.804 or 8.57) hold old Migration Manager executables.  
Other than the latest executable folder (this can be established by looking at the number or date), all other “number” folders can be deleted.  In the below example, I am keeping the most recent executable folder and deleting the rest in red.

Important.  Do not delete other Files or Folder (like MiscFiles, DLLs, MMsettings etc).  Removing these files or folders can prevent Migration Manager from working.

The DBBackups Folder

The DBBackups Folder contains all the SQL backups of your Database.  These backups occur during certain functions in Migration Manager like Importing a Questionnaires, Deleting Matters and upgrading Migration Manager.  They will also be generated if a user manually clicks the Backup button on the Migration Manager Toolbar.

As a general rule, old backup files are not required (you would not restore an old backup from 6 months ago as you would lose 6 months of data entry).  Hence, we would normally suggest keeping only the last 3 or 4 backups on file.  This just builds in extra safety on the extremely rare chance that your most recent backup is somehow corrupt.

Sort the Files by Date modified, then remove all but the last 3 or 4 files

The Exported Data Folder

The Exported Data folder contains files generated via User Defined Reports and Matter Tab Export to Excel files. If these are no longer required, they can be deleted.

The Forms Folder

The Forms folder contains all your LEGENDcom forms which are used for Form Merging.  When a Migration Manager update is performed, the old Forms are placed in an “archived” folder before the new Forms are downloaded (due to our policy of not deleting files from your system).

If you have no need for these old versions of LEGENDcom forms, you can delete any of the “archived ……” folders.

Letters Archive Folders

If you subscribe to the Template Package, the StandardNewLetters folder and StandardNewLetters(SPON) folder may contain sub-folders called 'MMTIsArchive'. These sub-folders contains old backups of Templates that have been updated by the Template Creators (due to our policy of not deleting files from your system).

If you have no need for these old versions of Templates, you can delete the MMTIsArchive folders.