Department Forms blank after Merging

When you merge a Department Form through Migration Manager, the Form Merge interacts with Adobe to populate the form with Data from Migration Manager.  If you merge a Form and it appears blank (no fields populated), this is usually a sign that there is a Security Setting in Adobe which needs adjusting.

Adjusting Adobe Security

1. Open Adobe Reader

Open your Adobe Reader or Adobe Pro program.

2. Go to Preferences

Select Edit on the Menu Bar, then select Preferences.

3. Go to Security Enhanced

Select the ‘Category’ Security Enhanced.

4. Untick Security Options

Untick the options:

  • Enable Protected Mode at startup
  • Enable Enhanced Security

5. Click OK

6. Close Adobe

Close Adobe Reader

7. Re-start Migration Manager

Close and re-open Migration Manager for the changes to take effect.

The Form should now merge successfully with Data.

Note:  If you are running both versions of Adobe (the free Adobe Reader and the paid Adobe Pro), you will need to repeat this process on both products

Note: Some versions of Adobe may appear slightly different to the screenshots above.