Archiving Troubleshooting

During the Archiving process, Migration Manager moves the Matter’s Documents from the ‘Clients’ folder to the ‘Z-Archive\Clients' folder.  There are two common issues that may cause this to fail.

Documents in the Documents tab must be Reconciled

If the Matter has documents in the Documents tab which are listed as missing, or, exist but are not in the MM Document Register, then you must first Reconcile the Documents tab before you can Archive.

1. Open the Matter

From the Main Toolbar, click the Open button, then select your Matter.

2. Go to the Documents tab

Go to the Documents tab.  You can also click on the Flat View/Tree View button to view the documents in Flat View.  In the example below, we can see 2 documents that no longer exist (in grey) and 1 document which has been added outside of MM which needs to be added to the MM document registry (in red).

3. Reconcile

3.1. Click Reconcile

Click the Reconcile Button.

3.2. Cleanup

Select the button Clean Up, noting the actions to be taken.

The Documents tab has now been Reconciled.

For full instructions on Document Reconciliation, see How to Reconcile the Documents tab.

Make Documents available Offline

Depending on the size and number of documents against a particular Matter, Archiving may fail if your Cloud File Service cannot move the documents fast enough.  If you get an error moving a large Matter’s documents, the solution to this is to mark the Matter’s folder as Available Offline which means windows can move the documents instantly without waiting for the downloading/uploading process.

Open Windows File Explorer, then navigate to the Migration Manager\Clients\ folder.

2. Make the Matter's folder Available Offline

Find the Matter, then right-click on the Matter's folder, then select Make available Offline.

Once you have given time for the Matter's folder to synchronize to your machine, the folder should now be able to Archive.

Note: The above example is using OneDrive.  Different Cloud File Services will have slightly different wording for their option to make available offline.