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Updating your Immi Password for eLodge

Your Immi User Name and Password are encrypted and saved within Migration Manager so when you are processing eLodge, these details can be used to Automatically log into Immi.  If you change your Immi Password, your password will also need to be updated in Migration Manager.

If you are unsure of your immi password, you can test it by going to the following site:


1. Log into Migration Manager as the user you wish to change the Password for.

2. Open any Migrant matter, then click the eLodge button from the Main Toolbar.

3. In the eLodge Window, select any Application Type and Sub-Type (we wont actually be processing an Application).  Then click Start Application.

4. Select the immi User Name you would like to edit:

5. Click the More button, then Edit Password.

6. Enter the new Logon Password.

If you would like to view the Password, click the 'eye' button to unmask the password.

7. Click 'Save and Close'

Your new Password has now been saved.

8. You can now Logon.

If you use this same Immi Account for your Legendcom subscription, you will also want to change the password in Preferences for Forms Downloads.  See: Updating your Immi Password for Legendcom Form Downloads.