Changing the Currency Symbol

Migration Manager pulls the Currency symbol from your Windows Regional settings.  If your Regional Settings are set to the incorrect symbol, this will display in Migration Manager.

To modify your Currency Symbol in Windows, follow the steps below.

1. Access your computer Settings

To access the Settings on your computer:

  1. Click the Windows button on your keyboard/desktop.
  2. Click the Settings 'cog' wheel.

2. Open Time & Language

When Windows Settings opens, click on the option for Time & Language.

3. Open Additional Settings

Select the option Additional date, time & regional settings.

4. Open Number Formats

Select Change date, time or number formats.

5. Go to Additional Settings

In the Region window, select Additional Settings.

6. Go to the 'Currency' Tab

7. Adjust the Currency Code

Change the Currency symbol, then click Apply, then OK.

8. Close Migration Manager and Log back in.

The new Currency Code will now display.