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Relationship Status and the Online Questionnaire

The MM Online Questionnaires are designed to be reactive and will add and remove relevant sections based on the answers your client enters. For examples sake, if an applicant who has instructed you to prepare a Partner application states that their relationship status as Never Married, the Online Questionnaire will not include any sections relating to their partner (or sponsor) as based on this information, as the applicant has not said they were in a relationship. If the applicant had indicated that he or she were in a de facto relationship, the partner (or sponsor) section would be included in the online questionnaire.

There are a few ways that users are getting around this to ensure that their clients are selecting the relationship status that accurately reflects their situation and the online questionnaire prompts them to provide the appropriate information required for the application.

  1. Input the appropriate relationship status in the MM Client Matter before merging the information into the online questionnaire, creating a dummy partner file (i.e. – Ms. Partner PARTNER) using the quick bio button on the front page.

2. Modify the Online Questionnaire instructions for your client to give them more information about what relationship status to select.

In the instance where a client has already submitted an online questionnaire with the incorrect relationship status, you can either 

  • reject the online questionnaire and send it back to the client with detailed instructions, or
  • import the questionnaire, change the relationship status to de facto and merge the information to a new online questionnaire, sent to the client in their Secure Client Portal