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MM Secure Client Portal – Web Questionnaire, Requesting Documents, and the Progress tab in MM (3/6)

In our previous posts, we have gone through the administrative setup of your Secure Client Portal, created a test client, enabled a clients’ Secure Client Portal, and gone into the test Portal to gain awareness of what your clients will experience.

In this post, we are going to send a Web Questionnaire to the test client, request documents through the use of the Progress Tab.

Once you have received the formal instructions from your client regarding the application, the collection of information relevant to the visa application is integral and the Secure Client Portal is going to aim you in collecting this information safely for your client.

You may have already collected some information on the applicant in the assessment process before receiving the formal instructions to proceed. The visa or matter type should be recorded on the clients’ cover page in MM to identify what matter you are working on.

When to use the Web Questionnaire

Some migration specialists will initially collect the applicant’s information in the form of the Web Questionnaire and once reviewed, providing a tailored list of documents and (partially completed) forms for the applicant. Other migration specialists will request the Web Questionnaire and provide the comprehensive checklist to their clients in the same instance. However you prefer to manage your client file process, MM will assist you to collect information relevant to the application you are assisting you with.

Please find below a quick guide for which questionnaires will collect the most appropriate information for the various visa subclasses. We will be releasing a Child-specific questionnaire shortly.

The best way to become familiar with this process is to test it out in your own MM test client. Once you are in the client file, select the CIQ button on the top ribbon in MM, and select Web Questionnaires, and the Send Web Questionnaire.

The following pop-up will appear that will allow you to select the appropriate Web Questionnaire from the drop-down list.

For your test client, please select one of the Demo questionnaires on the list.

If there is information already recorded in MM that you would like to merge into the Web Questionnaire to save your client time, you can press the circle to the left of Merge From Exiting Data. You will then have the option to review the information if you choose to.

Then press Send Message and the Web Questionnaire will be available for your client to fill out in their Secure Client Portal.

Requesting specific documents via the Secure Client Portal

On the Progress tab, you can access the saved Progress Items Templates to request documents from your clients via the Secure Client Portal.

1. To access the saved Progress Item templates, right-click in the white space on the progress tab to Add Progress Item(s) then From Template.

2. Select the relevant visa type from the drop-down list.

3. Select the relevant documents you want to request from your client. If you don’t want to add all of the items in the list, click selection at the bottom of the screen and select Untick all and only tick the documents you would like to request, and press Insert.

Please note that you can create your bespoke Progress Item Templates  this will be highlighted in later posts.

4. The documents will then be visible on the Progress Tab.

Adding a due date to the documents requested

If you want to add due dates on the documents requested, you can click on the corresponding column and add the relevant date you would like the client to see in the Portal. You can also allocate this to who you would like to follow up with this in the instance where the document has not been provided by the date requested.

Adding the document list to the Secure Client Portal

1. Press the Portal button in the top right-hand corner and the following screen will pop up.

2. Highlight the documents that you would like to request from the Portal and click the Add to Portal button.

3. The documents should then appear in the right-hand column. This list will automatically appear on your client's portal once they are in the right-hand column.

What will my clients see when documents have been requested via the Secure Client Portal?

Your clients will have each document requested appearing under the heading DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FROM YOU. They will be able to see the due date if you have input these details and upload the document on the right-hand side of the list.

Suggested activity for your test client

In preparation for the next post, please log on as your test client and click through the client Web Questionnaire and submit it. You can also upload dummy files to the documents section.

In the next post

In the next post, we will show you the process of how you or your team are notified when the Web Questionnaire and documents have been returned via the Portal, how to review the Web Questionnaires, return them to your client if incomplete, and importing the information into MM. We will also look at where the documents downloaded from the Portal are saved in the MM and how to provide comments to your client if the document is insufficient.