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MM Secure Client Portal – Introduction (1/6)

Migration Manager (MM) enables you to create a Secure Client Portal for every matter that you manage in the program, providing a secure platform where you can communicate, request and manage documents and information directly with your client.

Any information and/or documentation uploaded by the client to the Secure Client Portal is delivered to you and/or your team into MM for review. This process can streamline your workflow by ensuring that all of the information and documentation is fed through one central source. It will reduce your reliance on emails (avoiding email file size restrictions encountered when sending a large number of files or missed work when staff is on leave) and ensure that the message is sent directly to the applicant, removing the chance of mistakenly to the wrong person via email. The Secure Client Portal records when documents have been received in conjunction with the Progress Tab and make it easier to see what documents are outstanding.

With the new complications of the visa process and processing delays impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, there has never been more important to introduce new processes that protect you and your client’s documentation, data and saves you time in your daily workflow.

If you haven’t already, please create a test client in your MM to try out the processes yourself.

Create test case in MM

To start understanding the functionality of MM, please create the test client in MM-



Email - [email protected]

Once you have created this test case, you may like to try some of these steps in advance. Please make use of the following completed demo questionnaires, which will make it easier for you to test the processes outlined below.

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Post 4