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MM Secure Client Portal – Getting started (2/6)

Migration Manager (MM) enables you to create a professional branded Secure Client Portal, a secure platform where you can request documents, provide progress updates, and communicate with your clients. In this post, we are going to have a look at the very basics of getting your branded Secure Client Portal set up, introducing you to the process of turning the portal on for your client, and providing links to the user manual to customize the email communication templates for the Secure Client Portal.

How to send Secure Client Portal log in details to your client

Once your client has been created in MM with an email address, you will be able to activate a Secure Client Portal for them to access the questionnaire, upload documents and communicate regarding their visa application.

1. In the Progress Items tab, you can press the Portal button to generate the Portal log in information for them

2. A pop-up asking to confirm that you would like to turn on the portal for the client. If there has been no email address recorded, you will be prompted to update the client’s email before you can turn on their Portal.

3. An email window will pop up, prompting you to identify who the email should be sent to (which in this instance will be the client). When you have selected the recipient, press Create Email (in the bottom right-hand corner.

4. An email will be created with the standard template titled ‘Welcome to the <Company Name> Secure Client Portal (Our Ref: AAAA0000)’ in Outlook for you to review or edit before sending.

When to create the Secure Client Portal for your client

The timing of when you or your team will create a Secure Client Portal for your client will be completely dependent on your workflow.

I am aware that some of our users will create the portal for a client when they send the client agreement so that this document is provided to their client in a secure platform, where they can also upload the finalized client agreement through the inbox function.

Alternatively, some users will create a Secure Client Portal for their client once the client agreement has been finalized, and others will use the Secure Client Portal to request documentation to carry out an initial assessment.

Depending on when you decide to create the Secure Client Portal for your client, will dictate what information you want to include in this email. You can modify the content of the Secure Client Portal welcome email to adapt the process to fit your clients and your preferred workflow.

We would also suggest that you encourage your clients to change their password as soon as they log in to ensure that the portal remains secure.

Test client experience

Please log in to your test client’s Secure Client Portal to see what they will see and the functionality of the Portal. I would suggest that you copy and paste the login details for the test client in the file notes so that you can keep logging in to continue checking how MM integrates with the portal for your test client.

Your logo displayed in the Secure Client Portal

Once you have access to your test client’s portal, if your logo is not on display, or you are not happy with how your logo is displayed, please consult the MM User manual to ensure that your logo appears on your Portal.

In the top right-hand corner, you can see all of the options of what your client will be able to do from within the portal, including changing their password.

What do I do in the instance where my client has lost their password to their Secure Client Portal

If your client requests that you send their portal password again, you can generate new logon details through their MM matter to maintain the security of the client’s information.

If you would like to have a more detailed look at all the options available in the Secure Client Portal in the MM User Manual.

In the next post

In the next post, we will show you where to find Web Questionnaires in MM, how to send a blank or merged Web Questionnaire to your client using the Secure Client Portal and how to request documents via the Secure Client Portal.