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Emailing your client using File Notes from MM

If you are looking to streamline your daily process by emailing your clients directly through the File Notes feature, MM can do this.

Once you have drafted the File Note outlining the conversation, press the arrow button to the right of More, select Email to… from the drop-down list, and Other on the side menu.

The Email To.. preview window will appear and allow you to add the applicant’s email address in the To field. When you have added the appropriate email addresses for the email, press the Create Email button in the bottom right corner.

The drafted email will appear in an Outlook email window for your review.

When emailing my client directly, you can quickly remove the blue and green text, add a further description for the email subject and add the email signature before pressing Send.


As the Matter ID is displayed in the email subject line, the email will be saved to the client file using Email Capture if it has been turned on for the associated email account.