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Uninstalling the Student or Training Version of Migration Manager

The Student and Training versions of Migration Manager come as a self-install program.  These versions can also be simply uninstalled via Windows ‘Apps & Features’ function.

Uninstalling Migration Manager

1. Go to Windows Settings

Click the Windows button followed by the Settings cog.

2. Go to Apps and Features

From the Windows Settings screen, select the option Apps.

3. Locate the Migration Manager application

Scroll down until you find the Migration Manager application you wish to un-install.

4. Choose to Uninstall

Click on the Application to expand, then select Uninstall.

Click Uninstall.

5. Uninstall the program

When the Migration Manager install Wizard opens, select the option to Uninstall.

6. Close

Once the Uninstall as completed, click Close.

Note:  If you are running the Full version of Migration Manager, the un-install process can be more complex depending on if the installation is a cloud install or local install.  We suggest contacting Support who can provide assistance in this process.