Recording Employment history in MM

If you have imported your client’s questionnaire and you notice that there are significant gaps in the history, there are two ways that you could approach collecting the remaining details.

  1. Merging the information provided to your client in the Online Questionnaire 

You could resend the merged Online Questionnaire via the Secure Client Portal with clear instructions to your client about what information needs to be updated. 

Once the completed questionnaire is returned, you can select only the additions to import, which will avoid any duplicate employment periods in your MM matter.

  1. Record any additional employment periods manual in MM

Suppose you are on a call with your client, and they advise that the breaks of employment were periods of unemployment. In that case, you can manually update the employment section in MM and generate an Excel spreadsheet of the employment history to send to your client for clarification. 

You can access the client’s employment history on the applicantEmployment.

You can add an entry by clicking on the green plus button and can enter the relevant period. For example, I have added an unemployment period for the applicant.

To generate an Excel Spreadsheet that details the applicants' employment history, press the Excel button at the bottom of the grid.

The spreadsheet will then open in Excel. 

You can then save the document, convert it to PDF if preferred, and send it to your client to confirm the updates.