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Test Client & prepopulated web questionnaires in MM for your internal use

If you are a new user or have been using MM for years, it can be helpful to have one or many test clients in your MM database to test functionality or explore various features. By having particular test files, you can feel confident that any changes or actions you carry out on these matters will not impact your paying clients.

Creating a test client in your MM

MM has a range of partially completed Web Questionnaires that you have access to for testing in MM. When you have created your new client, if you list MM’s demo email ([email protected]) as the preferred email, you will be able to access the following demo web questionnaires.

These demo questionnaires are prepopulated if you use the MM demo email and will allow you to practice reviewing the questionnaire information and importing the data into your database.

The demo data relates to a ‘Rory Fleming,’ which is the same data that we use in our training sessions, so you can have multiple matters for ‘Rory’ in your database which different visa types to test the MM features.

If you would like further guidance on using the Web Questionnaires and understanding how the Secure Client Portal works, please don’t hesitate to log a support call to arrange a refresher training session.