How to change your Computer Date format

Migration Manager requires that your Computer system date format must be set to the dd/MM/yyyy format. If your Computer system is not set to this format, Migration Manager will display an error message.

To modify your Computer System date format in Windows, follow the steps below.

1. Access your computer Settings

To access the Settings on your computer:

  1. Click the Window button on your keyboard/desktop.
  2. Click the Settings 'cog' wheel.

2. Open Time & Language

When Settings opens, click on the option for Time & Language.

3. Select Region & Language

From the Date & Time screen, select Region & Language

4. Set English (Australia) as the Default Language

If English (Australia) is not set as the 'Window display Language', then set it as the default

  1. Click on English (Australia)
  2. Click on Set as default
5. If English (Australia) is not listed in step 4.
  1. Click the Add a Language button

2.  Select English, then English (Australia)

6. If the Date format is still incorrect even after changing to English (Australia)

1. From the Time & Language option taken in Step 2, then take the option for Date & Time

2. Select the option for Change date and time formats at the bottom of the screen

3. Change the Short Date and Long Date:

  • Short Date: d/mm/yyyy
  • Long Date: dddd, d MMMM yyyy

The Date Format at the bottom right of your screen should now change to dd/mm/yyyy