Closed files

The disappearance of closed files in 'Open' file display

During one of the recent MM updates, we changed the settings of the type of files that will appear when you press the Open button to only displays active file cases. As a result of this, users were concerned that their cases that had the status of 'File Closed' had disappeared from their database.

Fear not!

You can access your 'File Closed' cases by pressing the arrow to the left of the word 'Advanced'  at the bottom of the Open window.

Your advanced search options will then appear.

Under the Matter Status section at the top, you can change the criteria in the drop-down menu from 'All excluding Closed Files' to 'All including Closed Files', as demonstrated below.

This is the quickest and easiest way to access your 'Closed File' cases.

If you want to make it so that closed files always appear in your search, you can change your user preferences by clicking the options button at the top right of the Open window.

Then in the Open tab of the Options window, set the Default Status Filter to you preferred setting.

To save these settings, click Save and Close