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Recording a ‘Request for Further Information (RFI)’ in Migration Manager

Migration Manager is a versatile program that can be used in a variety of ways depending on your process flow and your client’s preferences. Highlighted below a few ways that an RFI can be recorded in Migration Manager

Recording RFI information using File Notes

The File Note feature can be used to schedule follow-ups with clients for the allocated responsible person (Manager or Clerk) to ensure that the RFI is actioned and followed up.

Reminders will pop up in SnapShot in the File Notes sections for action for the allocated responsible person.

Recording RFI information using a bespoke Progress Items

You can use a bespoke Progress Items checklist to record and monitor RFI’s to manage your client files.

Identify the key milestones and important dates you want to capture in Migration Manager and create two bespoke ‘Progress Item’ Template lists that you can add to any of your actions or lodged applications if you receive a formal RFI from the Department of Home Affairs and if you need to request an extension of the RFI deadline.

By capturing this information in Migration Manager, you am able to pull reports weekly to identify follow up activities required for your cases and/or generate reminders for your daily work flow through the Migration Manager SnapShot feature.

Below is an example of the RFI Progress Item Template list to show you how you can monitor your RFI’s in Migration Manager.
RFI Progress Item Template list example:

Once the list has been added to the matter's the progress items list on a file, you are able to create due dates for the items which can be allocated responsible person.

You can also add these activities to the Secure Client Portal to keep your client informed of the visa application status and/or communicate with your client about any documents required through the Secure Client Portal

In the progress item, the auto calculator can be used to specified follow up dates.

These tasks flow through to the SnapShot screen to notify the responsible person that there are tasks that need attention.

RFI Progress Item Template list example

Once the RFI extension has been added to the client’s progress tab, you can add in the relevant dates for reporting purposes.

This is a useful feature in MM as you are able to create a specific report to capture information recorded in the Progress Items tab.

Once you are confident that the report captures the information you require, this report can be saved and run at the beginning of each week to assist with your file management and workload overview.

Please consult the Migration Manager user manual for technical instructions for the features available in MM.