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Adding a Migrant Photo to the Active Matter Panel

On the top right hand side of the Active Client Panel is the ability to add a photo of the primary applicant of a matter.

1. Edit the photo

Open a photo in your image editing software. If you don’t have image editing software you can use Microsoft Paint which comes standard with most versions of Windows.

2. Re-size the photo

Click your image editors ‘resize’ image option.

3. Adjust the photo to the correct size

You will need to resize the image to the following pixel size:

Width: 112pixels

Height: 144 pixels

4. Save the Photo

Save the image into the Photographs folder of relevant Matter as a .jpg file.

You must name the file the same as the client ID for the file in question eg. FLEM0002 or SMIT0001 etc. Any other name will not work.

5. View the Photo

If you reopen the client file the photo should now appear. In some cases you may need to close and reopen the file again.