Sending Invoices via the Secure Client Portal

The Secure Client Portal can be a safe and secure way to send and receive client documents. For example, perhaps you would like to send your clients their financial documents through their Portal. Below we will show the three ways you can send your client their Invoice via the Portal.

After creating a draft invoice, you can send it to your client via their Portal in 3 ways. 

1.   Directly from the draft invoice

If you have drafted an invoice and, after checking all details, are happy to send the Invoice directly to your client, you can Click the Save and Finalise dropdown and select Send by Message.  This will save and finalise your Invoice and bring up the Send a Secure Message box with the document attached.

2.   Directly from the Finalised Invoice

If your Invoice has already been finalised, you can send the Invoice to your client's Portal by opening the Invoice, clicking the More button and selecting Print and Send by Message.  

3.   Send the Invoice from the Documents tab

You can also send a finalised invoice to your clients directly from the Client's Documents tab.  Right-click on the Invoice and select Upload to Portal.

Once the Send a Secure Message editing window appears, you can view the attachment, draft the text for the body of the Message and choose Send Message and Notify Client by Email.

A drafted email will be created in your Outlook for your review, notifying your client that new information is available on the Secure Client Portal. You may need to add or update the subject line for the email.

Once you are happy with the information in the notification email, send the email to the client.


What your client will see

Your client will see the Message in their inbox when they log into their Secure Client Portal.

When your client opens the Message, they can view it and download the Invoice for their records.

How to review the sent Message for future reference.

If you need to review what has been sent to your client, select the Message in the Documents tab and see the associated attachments in the right-hand-side Message viewing panel.