Unable to Open the Questionnaire PDF

Migration Manager provides a Questionnaire for customers to complete and return to their Migration Agents.  These Questionnaires come in the form of an Adobe Dynamic PDF.  These types of PDFs must be opened by Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat Pro.  Other reader products will either not be able to open the document and may even corrupt the document.

There are only ever 3 causes of why a Questionnaire will not open.  Point 1 tends to be the cause in the majority of cases.

1. The Questionnaire is not being opened via Adobe Reader

Some email applications such as Webmail try to open the PDF from within the email program itself. They are using an inbuilt Web reader which is not compatible with Dynamic PDFs rather than the proper Adobe Reader program.  When this happens you usually see a message like “Please wait…” and the document will not open.

Resolution:  Rather than trying to Open the Questionnaire from within your mail browser, first save the Attached PDF to the Desktop, then open the PDF from the Desktop Using Adobe Reader.

2. The PDF is being opened by a Mac Preview Program

If you are running a Mac and opening the PDF Document with the Mac Preview Program, this is not compatible with Dynamic PDFs.

The below video explains how to open a PDF using a Mac:


3. Make sure you are using the latest Adobe Reader

Make sure that have installed the latest Adobe Reader, and when you open the questionnaire it opens in Adobe Reader.  


(We normally suggest to un-check any “Optional Offers” and just install Adobe Reader).

Providing you have opened the document using Adobe, you should see ‘Adobe Reader’ in the Program information Bar and the Adobe icons in the Tool Bar.  If not, then you have not opened the Questionnaire using Adobe.


Q: Can I open the Questionnaire on my Android Tablet or Mobile Phone?

A: No.  These devices do not run the full Adobe Reader and cannot open Dynamic PDFs


Q: Can I use another product such as Foxit to complete my Questionnaire?

A: No.  Other products such as Foxit can corrupt the PDF, and if so you will need to complete the entire Questionnaire again.