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MM Pre-recorded Question and Answer (Q & A) Session - Progress Items & Lists

We are delighted to share our second MM Pre-recorded Question & Answer Session with Janet and one of our MM Trainers, Ebony Makwana. In this session, Ebony takes us through MM Progress Items and Lists, demonstrating how they interact with the Snapshot feature and outlining the range of ways you can customise Progress items or complete Progress List templates.  The session runs for just over 30 minutes. 

Please find the time marks below for particular topics discussed in the Q&A.

Time Stamps

1:05       Progress Items & Lists - Where to start?

3:01       Snapshot and Progress Items

4:20       Adding a Standard Template Progress List

9:33       Assigning the responsible person

10:19    Staff details

11:22    Setting due dates for doc's & activities

12:16    Setting due dates for more than one doc

13:09    Due dates and the Tasks in Snapshot

13:36    Setting the date range for your Snapshot

14:47    Creating a one-off progress item

16:11    RFI's and progress items

17:05    Customising a progress item

22:12    Setting due date using date calculation

23:20    Further Customisation options 

24:11    Editing Progress Items in bulk

27:08    Customising the list exporting to Excel

30:25    Importing customised Progress Items


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In the April Q & A session, we will be discussing ways you can encourage your clients to use MM's Secure Client Portal and the Web Questionnaires.