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Converting Old Templates to New Template Format

The original Letter Template System released in earlier versions of Migration Manager was phased out in 2014 and a new more powerful Letter Template system was introduced.  Migration Manager will soon discontinue the old Letter Merge system completely and these Templates will no longer be able to be accessed.

To continue to use your custom Letter Templates, it is important any old Templates you use are converted over to the new Template System.  The following procedure will guide you through the process.  

1. Open any Migrant Matter.

Migrant Templates and Sponsor Templates are stored separately.  To convert the Migrant Templates, click Open from the main toolbar, then open any Migrant Matter.

2. Open Letters.

From the Main Toolbar, click the Letters button.

3. Choose Letter Settings.

Click the Settings button.

4. Choose Convert Template.

Select the Convert Template tab.

A list of your old Legacy Letter Templates will appear.

This maybe a good time to consider which Templates you really do still use and just convert the Templates you will be needing in the future.

5. Highlight the Documents to Convert.

Select the documents you wish to convert to the new Template System.  

Note that just highlighting a folder name will not convert the files in that folder.  You must click  + to expand the contents of the folder, then highlight the files in that folder you wish to convert.

6. Click Convert.

Your Old Templates will now be converted (This may take some time if you have many templates).

When you return to the main Letter Merge tab, you will find your Templates now displayed.

7. Repeat the same process for your Sponsor Templates.

In Step 1, this time choose any Sponsor Matter.

Then complete steps 2 to 6 above.

For further details on using the new Letter Template system, see Letters and Documents