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MM Secure Client Portal – Reviewing Web Questionnaire & Documents, sending incomplete questionnaires or document feedback to clients via the Secure Client Portal in MM (4/6)

In our previous posts we have enabled a clients’ Secure Client Portal, showed how to send your client the Web Questionnaire to collect the relevant information required for the application and request documents through the use of the Progress Item Tabs.

Once your client has completed the Web Questionnaire and/or uploaded documents via the Secure Client Portal, you will be notified when you look at your Snapshot view which will appear when you first log in to your MM.

Multiple times during my workday, I generally will see what documents have been received by pressing the Snapshot button in the taskbar, if the Snapshot view has previously been closed.

The Web Questionnaire and documents will appear in the Documents. MM will automatically download the information available from the Secure Client Portal periodically.

Reviewing Web Questionnaire

1. To review the Web Questionnaire, right-click on the Web Questionnaire entry in the Snapshot Inbox and select preview. In the pop-up on the right-hand side, click Review.

2. Check if the people in the Web Questionnaire are already in your MM database.

MM will then bring a pop-up to highlight the people included in the questionnaire to see if they already exist in your MM. Please review these individuals to identify if there is a matching client in MM. Please note that MM may not recognize that there is a match in the database if the name spelling, DOB, or town of birth in the submitted Web Questionnaire is different from what has been recorded in the existing MM client matter.

This is a really important step as you may experience errors when you come to drafting the visa application if you have created a new record accidentally by the Web Questionnaire import.

By pressing the notepad and pencil icon on the right-hand side under People Already in MM to see if there are any people MM who share any of the same information as the individual in the Web Questionnaire.

Once you are confident with the information in the matching panel, click Continue to review the information in the Web Questionnaire.

3. Proceed to the Review panel.

The Review screen will pop up. On the left-hand side, you can see each page section in the questionnaire.

The middle panel displays the information that has been recorded in the questionnaire and the value column for what you would like to use to import into MM for the client.

The right-hand panel is the information that is already recorded in the MM file.

This process is a really important step for you to review the information, copy the information into the Values to Import column and polish it up (if say, for example, your client hasn’t use capitals or has completed all questions in capital letters). If you spend the time to review the information at this stage, it will be a smoother process when drafting the application in the IMMI account.

For more detail regarding the Web Questionnaire Review Panel, please refer to the MM User Manual.

Importing Web Questionnaire

You can either manually go through each tab and separately copy the information into Values to Import (Copy All> Copy this section only), or you can copy the information for all of the sections Copy All> Copy Entire Matter in one go and then review each page to check again the information or documents you have to hand and for any spelling errors.

The MM User Manual has a very detailed section about how to add data to the Values to Import Column, that you should consult when doing an import for the first few times.

If the Web Questionnaire is complete and you are ready to import

If the Web Questionnaire does not include all the information that you require to proceed with the preparation of the application, you can send it back to your client with further instructions by closing out of the Review screens and press Send Back.

You will then have the opportunity to include further instructions to your client about what information is missing on the questionnaire that you require. In the example below, I have asked the client to focus on the Travel History section for applicants and family members.

Press the Send Messageand the communication will be available for the application in the Secure Client Portal.

Reviewing Documents uploaded from the Secure Client Portal

When your client uploads documents to the Secure Client Portal, you will be notified when they will appear as a document to review in the Snapshot, the same way you are notified of the Web Questionnaire.

The MM User Manual has a guide to the Document Inbox window that will give you a good understanding of how to navigate this window.

You can right-click on the document and select Preview. On the right-hand side of the screen, a preview will pop up. Once reviewed, you can right-click and select Mark as Complete or Reject the document and notify the client.

If you are rejecting the document, you should include commentary to your client with clear instructions to clarify what you need and/or why they provide the document is not sufficient.

You will also be able to see when the documents that have been uploaded on the applicant’s progress tabs on the right-hand side of the item for which it was uploaded.

Where will this document be saved?

The documents will automatically be saved to the MM Documents Received folder.

If you press the Browse button on the top ribbon, you will be able to select the Documents Received to see all of the documents that have been provided.

Based on your process flow, you may wish to rename these documents and save them in a separate location in preparation for lodgement.

Test case exercise

Use your test case to review the Web Questionnaire and import the information. Also have a look at the sample documents that you uploaded that review from the Snapshot view, review the Progress and documents tab to see where the documents have been saved.

In the next post

In the next post, we will show you how to populate Department forms using the information stored in MM, how to send a drafted form to your client for review, provide progress status and communicate with your client via the Secure Client Portal Inbox. We will also show you how to modify your Secure Client Portal Preferences.