How Migration Manager User Licenses work

In order to use the Migration Manager product, you must have a valid license.  When you sign up with Migration Manager, you will order a number of licenses depending on how many users you feel may need to access Migration Manager at the same time.

How Concurrent Licenses work

Migration Manager uses a ‘Concurrent License’ system meaning there is no restriction as to how many machines Migration Manager is installed on.  You are only limited by the number of users that log into Migration Manager at the same time.


If I am licensed for 2 users, I can have Migration Manager installed on many machines, however only the first 2 people to log into Migration Manager will be able to access Migration Manager at the same time.

For another staff member to log in, first a ‘logged in’ user must log out to free up the license.


We would normally recommend no more than 3 users (Machines) try to share 1 license (depending on how much they use the Migration Manager during the day).  Any more than this and users will find it frustrating asking other users to log out to free up the license constantly.

Obviously if your user will be accessing Migration Manager constantly all through the day, then you should have 1 license for each of those full-time users.

If you wish to order additional user licenses, simply raise a support call with our Support Team.