Changing my Firm Details

At some stage you may need to change your company details throughout Migration Manager.  The below steps and links cover all the sections you need to check and adjust.

1. Did your Firm Details change?

Go to Tools => Administrative => Preferences => Firm tab

This is where the following Company/Firm details are stored:

  • Firm Name
  • ABN
  • Web Address
  • Firm's general Email Address  
  • Addresses and Phone Numbers for your Office/s are kept.

2. Has the Email address changed for your PDF Questionnaires to be returned to?

Go to Tools => Administrative => Preferences =>Questionnaires tab

Change the Default Email Address.

Click Reconfigure All Questionnaires.

3. Has your RMA details changed (including the RMA's address)?

Follow the steps for Add Edit Users.

4. Has your existing users email address changed?

  1. Go to Schedules => Users/RMAs.
  2. Right click on the User and select Edit User.
  3. From the Contact tab, adjust the Email addresses accordingly.

5. Has your Logo changed?

6. Has your Letterhead changed?

If you use a Letterhead when Merging Letters, the follow the steps in setting up a Letthead.

7. Do you have new Bank Details?

Follow these steps to create new Bank Accounts.

8. Revise your Accounts Settings.

You will want to check your Accounts Preferences window and check all the settings.  Especially:

  • Default Bank Accounts.
  • Auto Numbering counters.
  • Payment Methods.

9. Delete any unwanted Users.

If you have users that are no longer working for you, you may want to Delete these users.

10. Does your Portal and WebLeads URL need to change?

If you use the Migration Manager Portal and you have changed your Firm Name, then you will most likely want to change the Portal URL as well (since the URL usually has your Firm Name as part of it).

For this step your are required to contact Migration Manager Support as we need to change the Portal URL both in your Database and our Portal Server.  Please log a Support Call via Help => Log a Support Call Online.

When Support change your Portal URL, they can also place a re-direct on the old Portal URL so if any of your existing clients go to the old location, their browser will automatically redirect to the new location.